9:52 PM

So I just found out that there is a Word Press app and it had great ratings so I figured I’d download it and I might end up posting more. To make my blog more raw since I’ll have easier access to it. Since it’s easy to use like text messaging, I can easily add pictures from my phone instead of sending them to my email to save them to my work computer. I primarily would write posts while I was at work. I start early in the morning but throughout the day I’ll get busy and then I’ll end up finishing my post after lunch or an hour before I leave. It’s funny cuz I’ve thought about deleting my social media or deactivating my accounts entirely and the “person” or thing I thought of to say something was my blog. I mean, no one ever really responds to my posts or follows me so I still feel like I’m writing in my private journal but I know ppl who I don’t know, are going to read it and it just doesn’t bother me.

I always feel like this when i no longer want access to someone’s social media and I don’t have the self control to not look at someone’s page. It’s easier for me to just…delete the app. Plus, I’ll end up being on my phone less, which saves my battery, so it’s really a win win.

I wanna be one of those ppl who doesn’t really have social media or really use it. I’ve gone back and forth about using my social media. I’ve deleted my account, deactivated it, reactivated it…cuz it helped me to disconnect. I even asked my best friend to change my password for me. Just to give you an idea. I already removed snap and IG. I never had the fb app cuz it sucks and totally invades your privacy with their background cookies and shit. But whatever.

I wish there was a way to know that whoever comes across this page, could they make recommendations. as a blogger. what interests you? What should I write about or what do you like to read. How to be interesting on your blog and not some pretentious diva? How did you come across this sad, random page that talks about heartbreak and why the breakfast place at my job shorted me on my tater tots this morning. I’m just saying, chad…y’all need to be generous again. Tater tots bring me life. Anyways…to be real or not to be real?

That is the question.


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